10 ways to make money with crypto

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OK, it has been a bad week for crypto, but there are still ways you can make money with cryptocurrency. All is not lost!

•Start an ICO

Yes, this is the most profitable route to making money with crypto, but don’t underestimate what it takes to develop a platform and then run an ICO. But if you’re up to it, it has to be one of the strongest ways to boost your bank account.

•Be a bounty hunter

This is the most accessible way to accumulate crypto as almost every project has a reward system and you just have to figure out how to maximise your gains by performing myriad micro tasks. Try Bounty Ox and Bitcointalk for updates on bounty campaigns.

•Host a cryptocurrency conference

Not very practical for most people, but if you know about events management and can get all the right people on board you could do very nicely, as tickets for crypto conferences usually sell for quite large sums.

•Work in crypto

A boring suggestion perhaps, but working in the crypto space is the most obvious way to make money from it. This is going to be a space with increasing demand for people with blockchain and crypto skills and knowledge, so it’s a good option.

•Take up speculative mining

This is nothing like the big mining operations — it’s possible to do it as an individual and make money. The practice refers to mining new and under-the-radar cryptocurrencies that have not yet been added to exchanges and are very simple to mine.

•Become a Project Ambassador

Project Ambassadors are often active community members who are willing to put on presentations and meet with relevant individuals. Could you do it? There is big money here.

•Create content and monetise it

Create content that delivers traffic and you’ll find a way to monetise it.

•Use a trading bot

Automated trading programmes have been shown to be successful.

•Take part in a revenue sharing platform

Some projects use revenue sharing incentives. Steemit is one and some of its top earners have six figure pay cheques.

•Crypto gaming

Like gaming? There are several possibilities to make money here — some are even free to play like HunterCoin. It is not unknown for gamers to make substantial gains in cryptocurrencies from playing games.

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