3 good reasons to join the Lendo ICO

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The Lendo ICO has been going strong since it launched on Saturday 28th April. In this first phase, the ELT tokens are just €0.20 and there are only 170 million available. After that the price rises incrementally.

If you’re trying to make a decision about joining the ICO, whether you are someone with an established investment strategy, or you want to dip your toes in a crowdsale and not sure which one to choose, we’ve got three reasons why Lendo is a great choice:

1. Lendo is a cutting edge Fintech business that promises to bridge the gap between conventional financial services and those that are blockchain-based.

2. It provides a practical, real world solution to a universal need: the demand for personal loans.

3. Regulated conventional lenders are eager to join the network and use Lendo’s blockchain-based technology, because they can access new markets and reduce costs, meaning they can grow market share whilst offering cheaper loans.

It’s very easy to REGISTER for the ICO at the Lendo website, and you’ll also find everything else you need there, including the whitepapers, the links to Lendo’s social media channels and press articles reviewing Lendo — all of them good we’re delighted to say.

Hope to see you at the Lendo ICO — it’s the blockchain-based platform that offers regulated digital assets.

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