5 things to do before the Lendo crowdsale starts on 28th April

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Time is whizzing by and now there are only three days until Lendo’s big crowdsale starts on 28th April. We’d suggest you do the following five things before it starts!

1. Read the whitepapers

Lendo has updated its whitepapers, and you’ll find both the Commercial and Technical whitepaper here. The Commercial paper explains the market and the business model, while the Technical paper goes into all the detail about the extremely important security features that ensure every Lendo member’s funds are always protected.

2. Join Lendo’s social media channels

The Lendo team believes in community building and we have a bunch of channels where you can up to date with all the latest updates. All you have to do is go to the Community tab at lendo.io and you’ll be able to follow them all from there.

3. Join the chat on Telegram

And don’t forget to join the Telegram channel, (also at Community link) because that’s where you can chat with the admins, ask them questions, and if you are having any technical issues with your Lendo account they will be able to connect you with someone who knows the answer.

4. Watch the videos

Follow the link from Community above and go to Lendo’s official YouTube channel. You’ll be able to listen to Lendo’s CEO, David Honeyman explain why Lendo is a really hot Fintech startup, how the Lendo Vault works, and there is a guide to using PerfectMoney as well.

5. Register to buy ELT in the ICO

Don’t wait until Saturday 28th April — you can register TODAY to buy ELT for €0.20. There are only 170 million tokens available at this price. Go to the website and click on ICO. All the instructions are there, including payment methods.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the big Lendo crowdsale!

A blockchain platform that will take banking to another level https://www.lendo.sg

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