6 Celebrity Crypto Influencers

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If you like crypto, then its quite likely that celebrities like it as well; they’re just people after all. Many of them show their support on Twitter, and we’re talking about general support, not plugging specific projects for payment, so who are they and what do they say. Here are six of some of the biggest celebrity crypto influencers who are helping to increase public awareness.

Chris Bukowski — @chrisbukowski

He appeared in dating show The Bachelor, but now works in tech. He runs a web development agency, KCM Create, while investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, which has led to him being pulled back into television as a guest on “New to the Street” from Fox Business.

Redfoo — @redfoo

Redfoo is one half of the party-rock duo, LMFAO. He has transitioned out of the party circuit and into the wild world of blockchain. The former DJ now describes himself as a crypto programmer and day trader.

Imogen Heap — @imogenheap

Electronic music star, Heap has pioneered the blockchain project called Mycelia, which helps artists protect their copyright.

Akon — @Akon

The Grammy-nominated R&B singer, Akon, announced his involvement with blockchain and cryptocurrency through his Akoin project in June 2018. His focus is using blockchain to bring solar power to remote areas of Africa.

Ashton Kutcher — @aplusk

With a Twitter following of 18 million, Kutcher is both actor and crypto advocate. He first tweeted about it in 2014 and since then has invested in a series of cryptocurrency projects.

Eminem — @Eminem

Not so much an investor, but with 22.3 million followers and a new album out that raps “remember everybody used to bite nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin,” he is thought to be usefully bringing attention to it.

Women are noticeably absent from this list, but Katy Perry (@katyperry) did post an image of her nails covered in crytpocurrency logos and also makes other references to crypto in her Instagram account, although nobody is sure if she invests in them.

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