A Crypto Mall for Crypto Shoppers

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Have you been looking for shops that will accept cryptocurrency as payment? There still aren’t that many of them around. However, Slovenia is piloting a cryptocurrency payments pilot at BTC City Ljublijana, the country’s capital city.

The project will permit 150 people to pay with crypto at 24 retail outlets in the massive shopping mall that has around 500 stores. The retailers accepting crypto include fashion boutiques, electronics shops and some restaurants.

In a rather strange coincidence the shopping mall has always been called BTC City, which stands for Blagovno Transportni Centre and has no connection to Bitcoin. It opened in the 1950s and is one of Europe’s largest shopping complexes.

At the beginning of 2018, the shopping centre’s management decided to co-develop a project with Eligma, a startup that offers the Elipay payments system. The system allows for payments in crypto via a mobile app. With the help of the partnership with Eligma, its management hope that BTC City will become the first retail complex to accept cryptocurrencies.

As Coindesk reports the Prime Minister Miro Cerar, supports the establishment of a ‘Bitcoin City’ in Slovenia. Earlier this month, he and the secretary of state Tadej Slapnik visited the centre, and during the tour Cerar had a cup of coffee bought by Slapnik using cryptocurrency.

Prime Minister Cerar has also been vocal at conference appearances about his support for crypto and particularly arguing for the use of blockchain in public services, something that he hopes Slovenia will adopt in the near future. He said at the launch of a think tank dedicated to crypto and blockchain: “We are also already laying the foundations for the initial pilot testing of the technology in the state administration.”

Initiatives like BTC City will reveal how shoppers use cryptocurrences and what for. And, if you want to experience what its like to pay with crypto for your latte, or a new wardrobe, you just have to visit Ljublijana.

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