A “strong and stable” Lendo

If you’re European and have been following the Brexit story, you may be aware that “strong and stable” is one of the mantras constantly repeated by the British prime minister Theresa May when talking about her leadership and government, which has proved to be just the opposite.

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ELT and Lendo are ‘strong and stable’

What does it have to do with Lendo? Well, when we asked members of Lendo’s Telegram community about why they had bought ELT, a significant number of them said that it is a stable ICO with a strong team behind it, and that overall it is a good project.

We’re very proud of this response. It was always Lendo’s ambition to deliver a project that answered a consumer practical need, rather than one that was a novelty entertainment like Cryptokitties. Yes, Cryptokitties has boomed, but it doesn’t exactly answer a real world problem, like Lendo does.

The Lendo founders’ thought process for the project was tied to the fintech side of blockchain applications and then focused on the personal loan market and the ways in which the new technology could be used to expand the market for licensed conventional lenders.

The makeup of the Lendo team has also inspired confidence. It isn’t composed of crypto geeks; it consists of people from diverse backgrounds, many with a strong history in the conventional finance industry, who are complemented by those who have grown up in the Internet era and for whom the blockchain is another comfortable home for them. Blending the backgrounds of business experience with technological know-how has created a team that can deliver a totally new ecosystem to the global lending market.

Support for Lendo’s project, both within the community and from the media, indicates that it is widely seen as “strong and stable,” and both of these are needed for longevity.

So, if you’re looking for an ICO that is reliable and promises to grow as a business year after year — it’s time to get into its ICO now! The first phase of the main ICO is ongoing and ELT tokens only cost €0.20 at this time. There are 170 million tokens available during phase one, and when they sell out, the ICO will move to phase two, when the tokens will cost €0.40.

When you’re looking for “strong and stable” — look at Lendo!

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