And now there’s another Satoshi Nakamoto

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Perhaps tomorrow you might announce that you’re Satoshi Nakamoto. There does seem to be quite a crowd building of people claiming to be the inventor of bitcoin.

According to CCN, “The latest self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto overpromised and underdelivered in Part 1 of his “big reveal” — probably to the surprise of no one in crypto.”

It is honestly worth reading the latest ‘Satoshi’s’ blog, called ‘My Reveal Part 1”. In one paragraph ‘he’ writes, “I was adamant that I would create history and I did. However, somewhere down the road I lost it. I forgot who I was and my fight wasn’t with anyone or anything else but with myself. I’m coming back now, not to prove anything to anyone else, but to prove something to myself. No one can defeat you unless you defeat yourself. Period!”

But then he didn’t reveal his real name or show a photo. Perhaps he is still involved in some existential battle. He did however say that his nickname as a child was Shaikho, which CCN says is a Pakistani name. The latest “Nakamoto” now apparently lives in the UK and claims to be the son of a banker who had worked at United Bank Limited, a Pakistani multinational bank, the blog states.

He also teased that he’ll disclose his real-life identity on 20th August. This means we only have one more day to wait and then we’ll know something, although it most likely won’t be the truth.

And, apparently he is now disillusioned with bitcoin because it’s being used for criminal activity and has been “hijacked by greed.” Anyone familiar with Craig Wright’s “I’m Satoshi” claims will recognise this sentiment as one of his.

This latest Satoshi also claims that UK banks drove him to create bitcoin. The blog says, “On a personal level, when I visited the UK in 2005, no bank would open its doors for me to give me access to a bank account because I didn’t have a permanent UK address. Without a bank account, I had no access to online facilities, and I didn’t know how to overcome this obstacle.”

Most alarmingly for those who remember British banking history, he claims that he derived the name ‘Bitcoin’ from the “Bank of Credit and Commerce International” (BCCI) the bank at the centre of an infamous scandal. Apparently he wanted to reinstate the BCCI name, which was interestingly founded by a Pakistani financier.

We’ll leave you to work out how he got the ‘Bitcoin’ name from Bank of Credit and Commerce International!

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