Are you joining the hottest crowdsale of 2018?

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There are so many crowdsales out there that it is understandably difficult to pick THE ONE that is going to go the distance. As investors, you don’t want to find that you’ve put your hard-earned cash into a project that fizzes and then burns out.

We understand all that, which is why we can confidently encourage you to join the crowdsale that starts on 28th April.

Why? Because Lendo has already proved itself during its pre-ICO by completing it ahead of schedule. But, that isn’t the only reason: the robustness of this project lies in other factors.

Lendo has a very practical use for consumers

First, its core product –personal loans against cryptocurrency as collateral — has a very practical use. Crypto owners have few ways to actually spend their assets. And, some don’t want to spend them; they want to HODL Lendo makes it possible for those who need fiat currency, whether it is dollars, pounds or Euros, to obtain them from licensed lenders, who are regulated and have been in this sector for many years. And, because Lendo is blockchain based the loan application process is fast and there’s no need for credit checks thanks to the use of smart contracts.

Lendo offers ultra-high security

Second, Lendo is offering its members exceptional security. Its technical team is building a high-security crypto vault. This guarantees that all stored funds are safeguarded using hot and cold wallet systems. Each member’s personal dashboard will display their crypto assets as collateral in the Vault’s offline ‘cold storage’, which is an added layer of security that removes risk of theft or fraud.

Also, a leading insurance company will insure all crypto assets stored in the Vault. In other words, with Lendo you can’t lose.

Why you should join the Lendo ICO on 28th April

One good reason to join is that if you take part in the first phase of the ICO, the price of each ELT token is only €020. There are 170 million tokens available at this price. Once these are all sold, in the next phase the price of ELT will rise to €0.40.

So, it makes sense to get in at the first phase of the ICO, and by the time the second phase comes around, you will already have made some gains. And, by the end of the ICO, the price will be at €2. You do the maths!

And, Lendo is actively seeking listing for the ELT token on established exchanges, such as GBX, so as a member of the Lendo community there is even more potential in the long-term, as more products are rolled out, like a merchant payment system, a debit card, e-wallets for BTC and ETH and much more.

Read the whitepapers, join us on Telegram, Medium, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, and find out more. We’re pretty confident you’ll understand why this is one of the hottest crowdsales of 2018 afterwards.

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