Assassins Creed on the Ethereum blockchain?

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Ubisoft, the French video gaming giant, and the company behind the extremely successful Assassin’s Creed game amongst others, has announced an effort to develop blockchain gaming through Ethereum, CCN reports.

According to French media sources, the company is already months into the development of blockchain products, and it aims to “monetize and improve upon their existing implementation of in-game items and other unlockables.”

CCN comments, “However, it’s becoming clear that Ubisoft views Ethereum and the potential of blockchain as leverage over its competitor Epic Games–creator of the global phenomenon that is Fortnite. Since launching in 2017, Fortnite has amassed 250 million active users and brings in over 2 billion in annual revenue.”

Fortnite has become a phenomenon. The National Research Group reported that tweens were logging more hours in Fortnite than Facebook, Netflix or YouTube, saying that this shows this age group is moving towards gaming as their preferred social media channel. Its statistics show that Fortnite claims around 21% of tweens’ free time.

However, as Charles-Louis Planade, a financial analyst for Midcap Partners, pointed out, Ubisoft has not been the hardest hit by Fortnite, because its games are aimed at a more mature audience. But even Planade admitted that Fortnite’s 250 million users are a “huge market” that is growing away from the reach of the French gaming company.

Ubisoft clearly needs to develop a game that competes with Fortnite, because as CCN says, “they are reaching a crossroads in development that requires innovation–or else they will continue to fall behind.” The Ethereum blockchain is the potential answer.

Early reports suggest Unisoft is targeting in-game items for blockchain, with an emphasis on making digital products ‘physical.’ And Ubisoft could turn to ETH as a source of crypto payments and smart contracts, opening the door for wagers made in gaming that can be validated in real life.

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