Binance combats crypto misinformation

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Binance a large cryptocurrency exchange, has just announced that it has created a library of 500 educational articles aimed at combating “incorrect” and “misleading” information.

Initially, Binance is supporting 15 languages, and the project is part of the Binance Academy, its educational programme, which was launched in August.

Ted Lin, chief growth officer at Binance commented, “Misinformation spreads extremely fast. People are frequently quoting articles that are either incorrect or are misleading,” and added, “With Binance Academy, our goal is to provide an entirely neutral platform with quality, unbiased, educational information.”

Binance has not yet revealed more specifics about the content, although it will obviously cover the basic blockchain related topics, and Lin said they would be in the form of “useful tutorials and guides.”

In May, Binance published details about how to submit content to the Academy’s Education Initiative and recently it celebrated the tenth anniversary of the original bitcoin whitepaper with an article about “the history and evolution of the underlying blockchain technology that made Bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency universe possible.” It’s a very useful overview for newcomers to the crypto sector who want a quick guide to understanding it all.

Binance looks for translators

In November 2018, the Binance Academy announced it was looking for content translators and that it would pay them in BNB. For example, translating 1,000 words would pay out around $50 in BNB tokens. At that moment they needed translations in Arabic, traditional and simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese, with a view to adding more languages as the need arises. Binance does emphasise that all translations of material must be unique and anyone found using a tool like Google translate would automatically be disqualified. Full details of the requirements, as well as terms and conditions are at the link above.

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