Binance launches crypto fund for damaged Notre Dame

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On 16th April, Binance exchange tweeted about the fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris and called on colleagues in the crypto space to support Binance’s campaign to #rebuildnotredame.

It’s donation programme “Rebuild Notre-Dame,” calls on the crypto community to support Binance’s campaign to restore the medieval cathedral that suffered “colossal damages” from a major fire that almost destroyed the 800-year-old landmark on April 15.

Binance stated that the recent event was a “great moment of loss for culture, arts, and history shared by all humankind.” The exchange launched the new donation channel on its charity platform started by the company’s social project The Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF).

According to Cointelegraph, at press time on the evening of 17th April, the campaign had amassed 28 donations in bitcoin, ethereum and Binance’s internal token Binance coin, bringing the total to 1.46 bitcoin, which was worth about $7,577 yesterday evening.

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