Brandon Simons and the origins of crypto

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Brandon Simons, technical director at Verge (XVG) has “released a tell-all account about the origin of the cryptocurrency and his involvement with the early development and marketing efforts,” according to CCN.

Simons, who is known as CryptoRekt on social media, revealed that his interest in cryptocurrency “first began in October 2009 when he discovered bitcoin,” and that he mined it for the next two years.

In his Medium post he also discusses the fact that he experienced a hard disk crash in 2011, when he lost thousands of bitcoin and that afterwards he became a regular contributor to Reddit’s r/Cryptocurrency forum. This was a support group for people who had gone through a similar experience. CCN reports: “The loss he said, was where the nickname ‘CryptoRekt’ came from. It was in the course of this that he became involved with a privacy coin project known as DogeCoinDark (DOGED), which would later rebrand as Verge (XVG).”

Simons recounts how DOGED started with a small team of 120 users in an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) room, and that it grew its vision of “enabling private peer-to-peer transactions, eventually rebranding itself as Verge in an attempt to gain more widespread appeal.” The marketing efforts included ‘shilling’ on social media and getting mentions on radio Crypto, which was at the time one of the most important media outlets for crypto stories.

Verge remained relatively obscure within the crypto space until the release of the project’s whitepaper tagged ‘BlackPaper’ in June 2017. Simons followed this with putting together a global team to support Verge on a pro-bono basis, and according to Simons this Verge Core Marketing team has around 40 members.

Explaining the importance Verge has to him on a personal level Simons said:

Verge is truly something special, it is decentralized, it has a wonderful community around the world, and it has a team of passionate individuals who just want to see it succeed — all the required ingredients for a successful project. What does Verge mean to me? Freedom. Verge to me is the freedom to help create & shape something that can truly provide a means for people to be able to retain a bit of their personal lives and not have to worry about sacrificing a basic human right; privacy, any time they want to transact for goods & services.

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