Brave browser expands tipping to Reddit and Vimeo

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Brave, the blockchain-based Internet browser tweeted on 21st August that it is continuing to expand its tipping option by integrating it with Reddit and Vimeo.

The post said, “Our desktop browser update today (0.68.131) features tipping creators on Vimeo and Reddit with BAT! Also adds the ability to select a default search engine during on-boarding, and fixes various PDF issues.”

Coin360 noted that in the last seven days, the value of Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) had risen by 4.6% to trade at $0.192. The Reddit and Vimeo announcement comes just weeks after Brave announced it the availability of its tipping service on Twitter following a successful service trial on its testing browser Brave Nightly.

Brave’s initiative to introduce a tipping option on Reddit and Vimeo is not the first attempt to allow users of the platforms to tip for content. In 2012, Vimeo launched a Tip Jar feature that allowed content creators to get donations from $1 to $500 by credit card or PayPal. This was shut down in 2015 when Vimeo put another tool for content monetisation in place — Vimeo on Demand.

Reddit has also experimented with tipping options in the past. In 2103 it initiated a content tipping option that used bitcoin as the currency and Reddit’s bitcointip bot. This service terminated in 2014 after Changetip, another bitcoin tipping tool went live. However, Changetip was also shut down in 2017 after recording 100,000 sign ups and over 350,000 tips.

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