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Brave browser, the ICO-funded Chrome fork, blocks advertising on the web. There is a good reason for that; its respect for privacy.

Now Brave has announced that it is going to introduce its own advertising platform that pays themselves and users. The Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) are worth about 12 cents each at the time of writing.

Brave will be replacing advertising on the web with its own advertising, deemed “privacy-respecting.” Users can opt-in to see up to 20 ads per day and receive 70% of the revenue from the adverts they view. However, as CCN says: “At over 5 million users, Brave is a fraction of the overall web landscape. The Brave Rewards program is voluntary, after all, and users must own BAT in order to participate in supporting the sites they love.”

Brave states: “A Brave feature called Brave Rewards allows people who use Brave to contribute BAT to the sites they visit. When someone turns on Brave Rewards, their browser will tally the time and attention they spend on each site, and divide up that person’s monthly BAT contribution among the sites they visit. Brave Ads will allow people to opt in to earn BAT based on their attention. When someone turns Brave Ads on, their browser will begin learning their preferences in order to show occasional relevant ads as system notifications.”

However, the Brave new world in tackling advertising is not seen as perhaps the best possible answer to the issue of advertising. Advertising allows companies to pay the cost of the content providers. It is the oldest model of providing free or discounted content. The main solutions to date are paywalls and subscriptions. But, these exclude the billions of unbanked and impoverished people who cannot afford such subscriptions from accessing content.

CCN director Jonas Borchgrevink said of the development:

“We are grateful to the many thousands of readers who use CCN daily and view and click on our ads.We signed up for a Brave account last fall. I was curious to see how much Brave could generate for us as a medium-sized media company that depends on ad revenue. The rewards we’ve received through Brave are ridiculously low. The past three months, we’ve been rewarded with 2,500 BAT (which amounts to $300). With that sum, we can run CCN for one or two hours. If our ad revenue drops in the future due to extensive use of adblocking, we will have to resort to blocking the blockers. Thankfully, there are good solutions out there for media companies, like, which we are experimenting with. In a future where Brave becomes a dominant player, I think larger media companies in the US will find a way to shut them down quite fast.”

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