Brave browser sees 1,200% growth in publishers

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According to Decrypt and BATGrowth, the number of publishers using the blockchain-based decentralized browser Brave has increased by 1,200% over the past year.

In July 2018, the number of Brave Rewards publishers stood at 18,931, while in August 2019 it now stands at 230,000.

Who uses the Brave browser?

The Washington Post and Smithsonian Magazine are amongst the 29,278 website publishers. There are 17,417 Twitter publishers, 2,917 Reddit publishers, 166,698 YouTube publishers and over 12,000 Twitch publishers as well.

In August, Brave also announced a new feature for tipping Twitter content creators using BAT, its Basic Attention Token. This service allows readers to set up a direct debit system for regular tipping, as well as a mechanism for tweeting at a tipped creator to tell them how to claim their donation.

Brave users are also able to withdraw their BAT tokens after verifying their identity with crypto banking startup UpHold. Verification allows them to then purchase more BAT so that they can contribute to website maintenance and content creation.

According to Cointelegraph, BAT is trading at around $0.201, down 2.76% over the past 24 hours. Its starting price was $0.166 in June 2018 and it reached a high of $0.86 in January this year.

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