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If you’re a real cypherpunk you could combine the two loves of your life by buying a Valentine’s gift of lingerie with bitcoin.

Lila Williams, the founder of started accepting bitcoin for her online products in 2017. She told Coindesk that she receives a handful of bitcoin payments each month, but this year she has decided to run a campaign where all purchases paid in bitcoin get 15 percent off and a free pair of lace panties.

It is quite rare to hear bitcoin owners talking about spending their assets on clothes, never mind underwear, but lingerie fans argues that it can be viewed as an investment similar to jewellery, especially at the high end of the market.

There’s another reason to get behind retailers accepting bitcoin. For example, spending crypto at women-led companies that accept crypto — like Naja and Kala brands, both of which pay garment makers above-average wages and use fair-trade materials — is a way to invest in women.

Rebecca Migirov, CEO of Kala, and a former member of ConSensys, told CoinDesk that the industry is seeing a “woman-led revolution in terms of product.” She also said, “The best way to support crypto adoption is for consumers to show there’s demand in the market.”

Rick Shaddock, a member of the Digital Currency Association, used the bitcoin he acquired during the market peak in December 2017 to buy his wife lingerie for their anniversary because “there’s no volatility in lacy underthings.”

Lila Williams said that she’d probably be interested in processing her own bitcoin payments someday if the technology becomes more user-friendly: “One of the problems with bitcoin is when you push that button it is gone, gone, gone, there is no recourse.”

Adoption of crypto in the lingerie sector may be slow but it appears to be steadily on the rise, not least because it empowers female entrepreneurs and their customers to challenge corporate norms. Indeed, Williams said, “More people ask to use bitcoin over the phone than ask to use Discover card.”

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