Can you solve Satoshi’s Treasure and win $1 million?

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Satoshi’s Treasure is a new alternative reality game with hidden keys to $1 million worth of bitcoin.

Eric Meltzer, the game’s co-creator and Primitive venture co-founder told Coindesk, “The game is going to have a leaderboard to show which teams have the most keys.”

The keys to the bitcoin wallet have been divided into 1,000 fragments, requiring a minimum of 400 key fragments to move the funds. Players can collect and unravel clues any way they want; even selling leads if they choose.

The game has no rules, and already more than 6,000 people have signed up to play and receive emails for key updates. The logic puzzles are sprinkled across the Internet and sometimes printed and pasted in the real world as well. Meltzer enlisted the help of Zcash co-creator Ian Miers and 18 other contributors so that no single person knows the schedule or location of all the clues or keys.

Meltzer said, “There are some clues that are very scavenger hunt-y, and clues where it’s purely logic puzzles or math problems.”

The first clue, released 14-th April, appears to point users in the direction of the Blockstream satellite, which broadcasts data related to bitcoin. Eventually there will be an app to assist players keep track of clues and updated information, and it will also be a conduit for sponsorship and partnerships with external brands.

Meltzer personally put up a large portion of the prize money, with angel investors contributing the rest.

So far the game has been a big hit with teenage gamers interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrrencies. One 15-year-old German developer Malte Lauterbach thinks it is a cool way for his friends to learn about cryptocurrency. Lauterbach and two friends in the USA and India are building an educational game about cryptocurrency markets on, which is offering one bitcoin as the prize for the best money-themed game submission. Amjad Masad, CEO of the developer tools startup behind revealed: “A year ago we started noticing suspicious activity on our platform, and we found that someone built a huge mining infrastructure to mine bitcoin. We looked into it and found it was this 13-year-old kid. … There’s a huge interest in crypto from young developers.”

Meltzer expects that the game’s community will soon expand beyond the teenagers, but for the moment they appear to be the most enthusiastic players, and as Lauterbach told Coindesk, “Instead of something like World of Warcraft gold, I could use bitcoin to buy real stuff instead.”

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