CEO threatened over XRP research

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Ryan Selkis, the CEO of cryptocurrency analytics firm Messari posted a tweet on 24th January stating that he and his family have been targeted with threats since his company published research on XRP that made statements criticising the Ripple Labs’ Token.

Selkis called on Brad Garlinghouse and other Ripple execs to denounce the threats from ‘$xrp’ and said he was going to call the FBI if he received more than the three threatening calls already received. He also said “I’m not going home until it’s publicly stated,” referring to his demand that Ripple Labs condemn the tactics.

Messari’s study, published on 24th January, claimed that the market capitalization of XRP is likely overvalued by $6.1 billion. Only hours after the publication, Selkis posted the following tweet, alleging that he received a threatening call from an anonymous caller: “Someone just called me from a Nashville number and recited my wife’s birthday to me. Then hung up.” He then tweeted that he had received two more threatening calls and asked Garlinghouse and others to denounce the threats against his family, which, as he alleged, are coming from the XRP community.

So far there has been no response from Ripple Labs, or Messari, although Selkis did report that he was at a police station, but his statement acknowledged that the threats did not come from Ripple, but from, “some punk kid most likely.”

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