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Coinbase has been adding more tokens over the year and on December 7th, it revealed that it has a list of more than 30 tokens that it is considering adding to its exchange.

However, the San-Francisco-based exchange is not adding the 31 tokens to its platform just yet, but rather, is “continuing to explore the addition” of the assets, according to a blog post published Friday.

The Coinbase blog, as well as listing all the tokens it so far plans to support, explained, “Adding new assets requires significant exploratory work from both a technical and compliance standpoint, and we cannot guarantee that all the assets we are evaluating will ultimately be listed for trading.”

It also added, “some of these assets being listed may solely be for customers to buy and sell, without the ability to send or receive using a local wallet.” Also, as per Coinbase’s listing process, it will “add new assets on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis, which allows it to add assets efficiently and responsibly.”

Coinbase also warned its customers that some may see assets appear on public-facing APIs and other services before they are officially listed, but should that happen, Coinbase “cannot commit to when or whether these assets will become available.” Previously some Coinbase customers have been able to “see hints of tokens about to be added”, because bots were able to take advantage of the exchange’s API to begin trading 0x just moments before it was officially listed.

According to Coindesk, “Four hours after announcing the list, Coinbase Pro said it was launching support for Civic, District0x, Loom Network and Decentraland’s tokens. Its order books will remain in transfer-only mode for 48 hours, with customers able to deposit, but not withdraw, any of the tokens.”

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