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You might have seen some news about Enjin Coin’s massive price rise after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 that hosts the coin. The price shot up by eight times over the last two weeks, although as The Merkle, says, “Whether this alleged partnership signals legitimate cooperation or simply a marketing ploy has yet to be seen, but the implications of such a cooperation are already priced in. If you’re bullish on gaming, but missed out on ENJ, there are a few more projects to keep an eye on.”

Initially, the primary focus of Enjin Coin was to provide tools to gaming communities on Enjin Forums to integrate ENJ and ENJ-backed assets into their gaming servers, especially for Minecraft. However, it seems to be going in another direction now. But, if you missed out on Enjin Coin’s massive surge in price, here are some others worth looking at.

Loom Network (LOOM) has a system called Plasma. This is a sidechain ecosystem with Ethereum that provides a much more feasible and intuitive environment for dApps. Dubbed “EOS on Ethereum”, Plasma alleviates many of the challenges associated with blockchain gaming on Ethereum. Additionally, the team is building several in-house dApps that run on Plasma, most notably the Zombie Battleground trading card game.

Decentraland and its MANA coin is effectively a “decentralised Second Life.” It is a virtual reality world in which players maintain complete ownership of its virtual real estate. MANA is the currency that governs the virtual landscape and also the medium for purchasing land parcels. Currently, community members have plans to create everything from amusement parks, to casinos, to VR shopping districts, and even a university.

Less is known about Xaya and its CHI coin, but The Merkle contends that it is one of most technically advanced blockchains in the space. Xaya is in the process of launching Soccer Manager Crypto, which will run server-less on the XAYA blockchain. The Soccer Manager franchise is a massive ecosystem with over 25 million game downloads and its most recent release, Soccer Manager 19, topped 1 million downloads in its first week on the market. It is anticipated that the new game will exceed these figures, showing that football-related gaming is a surefire winner — just ask the guys who made the FIFA games for PlayStation.

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