Community building is key to ICO success

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The blockchain is all about community. And to have a successful ICO you need to build community, or the project won’t have the support it needs. You see, it isn’t ALL about the money; it’s also about belief in the project.

The blockchain community is relatively small, and as blogger Dennis Lewis says, “the crypto world is still a closely-knit community of developers, small-scale investors, and supporters that tend to move around in the same online circles.” Encouraging them to join with you in the run-up to an ICO is an essential part of creating the buzz needed to attract those who aren’t necessarily part of the crypto ‘inner circle’.

It isn’t a static community; it’s growing all the time, and it is certainly one where ‘new’ news spreads fast. Engaging those who are committed to the blockchain is one of the best ways to get the word out about your ICO and you can reward them with Bounty programmes and airdrops.

Recruiting brand ambassadors will also help your cause and the more visible they are, the more likely it is you will succeed in getting the attention of big investors looking for innovative startups.

Talk to your target market

The first people to approach are those in your target market. Social media channels will do that job for you. Don’t just hype the project up; provide information that explains how the project works to encourage understanding and confidence. How can your community explain it to others if you don’t educate them?

Telegram is the most popular channel for direct contact with your community. It provides a place where they can ask questions and you can provide real-time updates. The chat in this channel does require constant attention by Admins, otherwise it will fill up with spammers.

Treat your community members like they are part of your team. Provide them with meaningful content and always answer their questions as promptly and as fully as possible.

And watch out for new trends in ICO marketing and in crypto generally. Today’s style of community building could have changed by tomorrow.

The Lendo community

At Lendo, we’re very proud of the community we have built so far. Its support and enthusiasm for the project keeps the project team inspired. So many responded to the Airdrop and right now the Bounty Programme is in full swing, but it ends on 19th April. If you’re reading this and you haven’t joined Lendo’s Telegram channel or signed up to our social media channels, please do that now. You’ll find details when you click on ‘Join Our Community’ at

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