Cory Johnson claims XRP is ‘Bitcoin 2.0’

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More news from the Ripple Labs camp! Cory Johnson, who barely takes a break from being in the press as its new Chief Market Strategist has been talking up XRP in a Benzinga podcast.

As CCN points out, one the important takeaways from the podcast is Johnson’s belief that “Ripple can die without actually killing XRP.” It’s obviously true that the primary development of XRP happens at Ripple Labs, and that it is mostly responsible for XRP’s market penetration amongst other things, but as an entity XRP doesn’t actually need Ripple Labs to exist.

Johnson puts it like this:

And if Ripple were to go away, the Johnson family would be quite sad, but XRP would continue to exist, and many other companies, many start-up base, many beyond that, are using XRP as a core technology, again, to try to find new businesses. And really, the technology for XRP is like Bitcoin two dot oh. It’s Bitcoin, but it’s faster. It’s Bitcoin, but it doesn’t use tons of power. It’s Bitcoin, but it’s not controlled by Chinese miners. But fundamentally, it is a blockchain digital asset that is used principally for the movement of value.”

Johnson also believes that Ripple remains very much a start-up. What he is saying is that he views the company as more nimble and flexible than more established outfits. Again, in his own words, he said: “I really see myself as … I started some of the market’s radio show with at Bloomberg. So, I got to a stage at Bloomberg where I wasn’t in start-ups anymore and I wanted something new to start up. Ripple is certainly … It’s a big start up. And it’s a fast start-up. A start-up that’s got a lot more traction than some start-ups, but it definitely is a start-up, and it just seemed to really do the right thing for me right.”

SWIFT is Ripple’s only competitor

He also sees SWIFT as Ripple’s main competitor, not bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, and of course its platform has been founded on speeding up and reducing the costs of international money transfers.

Johnson promotes buying XRP because it isn’t mined

And in his more controversial moments he has called Ripple “Bitcoin 2.0,” often tweeting about Bitcoin’s possible negative effects on climate change and suggesting people should stick to assets like XRP that don’t require mining.

If you’re an XRP owner, this podcast interview (link above) should give you some interesting insights into the mind of one of the company’s newest and biggest supporters — Cory Johnson!

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