Crowdfunding Trump’s ‘Wall’ with crypto Wallcoins

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Since Trump became President of the USA he has banged on about building a wall to keep Mexicans and other immigrants from central and South America out. Plenty of people worldwide have spoken out against the idea, and so far the idea hasn’t gained much traction, except as a joke on social media.

In a further development of the ‘Trump Wall’ soap opera, Ohio Congressman Warren Davidson has suggested that the solution to find the money to fund the wall — remember Trump suggested that Mexico should pay for it –is crowdfunding, and Davidson has even suggested using a cryptocurrency for the fundraiser.

Davidson is an outspoken supporter of the cryptocurrency space, having previously held a round-table event with more than 80 representatives from both the crypto and finance industries to discuss possible legislation for initial coin offerings. However, this is a whole new development from him.

During an interview on NPR, Davidson said he had for some time been in favour of “letting” American pay for the wall, however this is opposed by the Democrats, who oppose the idea of the wall in its entirety. Davidson told the NPR interviewer, Steve Inskeep, that he had proposed a private funding programme, wherein “the American people, or whomever should choose to donate,” (including residents of Mexico) would be able to fund the wall’s construction. The residents of Mexico might not be so enthusiastic one imagines.

Wallcoins to build the wall

He added: “You could do it with sort of like a crowdfunding site or you could do a blockchain and you could have WallCoins, but you could raise the money and frankly if we get it right at the Treasury you could even pay with Mexican pesos.”

The Congressman did also suggest that this crowdfunding may not be able to fund the building of the entire wall, but perhaps they could use fencing in some places. He said: ““There are areas that you would want to secure with a wall, and if you look at the areas where you have secured them with walls, $5 billion isn’t going to build a wall like the Great Wall of China, this is going to build secure fences.”

They used to say “it’s a mad, mad world,” but now it really is.

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