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Normally at Lendo we primarily look at crypto-related news, but this item caught our eye. Many of you may be aware that the US government has been in shutdown for over a month now and that means there are workers across the country that haven’t received any pay. There’s not much need to go into the reason for the shutdown; everyone knows it’s Trump’s ‘Wall’, to which the Democrats refuse to allocate a budget.

Now GoFundMe’s CEO, Rob Solomon has started a crowdfunding campaign to help federal workers and it has reached its $200,000 goal in just three days. GoFundMe has partnered with Deepak Chopra, a motivational speaker, to ensure these workers get basics like food and household supplies. In addition to this campaign, a number of retailers are currently offering free services and products to affected government workers.

The funds will be “shared across nonprofits who are supporting affected staff including #ChefForFeds led by José Andrés who has been feeding thousands of federal staff in Washington DC, and the National Diaper Network who are providing diapers to parents who the shutdown has affected,” CCN reports.

Rob Solomon’s statement on the campaign page reads, “Your donation will be distributed to several non-profit organizations across the country offering direct assistance to government workers. These nonprofits are doing important work, providing hot meals, necessary counselling, and housing relief. I encourage everyone to support them.”

About 420,000 essential staff have had to work without pay from the beginning of the shutdown that started on 24th December. While Congress has passed a bill which will ensure federal workers are reimbursed after the shutdown ends, this, unfortunately, does not extend to contract workers even though they still have to work.

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