Crypto Auction And Skill Gaming Site To Accept ELT

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We have exciting news for all ELT holders. A popular crypto auction and skill gaming site is going to accept ELT tokens for the bids in its various auctions and skill games, making it easy for everyone who owns ELT to participate.

The auction site offers you an opportunity to place bids in order to win Bitcoin and other popular crypto currencies and ELT will be accepted as a valid currency for making bids. These skill games and crypto auctions are highly accessible to a large number of people, so this presents a very interesting utility opportunity for ELT as it will have real value in the rapidly growing ‘skill game’ market.

The auction site will start accepting ELT in end-November, and we’ll be bringing you more information at that point. However, we wanted to let you know the good news now.

Lendo is always working to increase the utility of the ELT token, and the auction site’s acceptance of our token for payment demonstrates ELT’s potential to be used in diverse ways.

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