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The last week has been good for the leading cryptocurrencies, with more days showing all the tickers in the green than in recent times. Even the mainstream media has picked up on the fact that perhaps the bears have been chased back into the woods, with the UK’s Independent newspaper publishing an almost euphoric headline, Bitcoin surges past $4,000 as cryptocurrency experts bet on major market turnaround.

As it points out, this mini surge has been accompanied by a swathe of predictions by crypto luminaries about what is likely to happen with bitcoin in the coming months, with most of them believing we will see significant gains.

Cameron Winklevoss, one half of the Winklevoss Twins, was talking at the South by Southwest conference in Texas when he said, “The only thing that’s truly precious, in my mind, is bitcoin. If you talk to someone who’s playing Fortnite and say, okay, two options, bar of gold or the equivalent in bitcoin, they are 10 times out of 10, 100 times out of 100, going to take the bitcoin. They want software, they don’t want hardware.”

Brendan Blumer, the founder of Block.One, a blockchain-based firm, tweeted, “Over the next two decades, #bitcoin will replace #gold as the leading commodity to store value.” He added that he believes this will happen by 2040.

One Twitter user known as @HTradingSystems proudly announced, “All in Cyptos. All fucking in. Ether. Bitcoin. EOS. LTC. Bitcoin cash. If it has a pulse and it is a Crypto. I am buying.” He or she couldn’t clearer about how they feel about the cryptocurrency market.

And @Genateq, tweeted, “What are your predictions for 2019? One is for sure: Bitcoin is great long-term investment.”

Although the market is still hovering around the long-term bearish position, it is threatening to break to the upside. This week is likely to be a pivotal one for cryptocurrencies and its supporters are cheering it on.

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