Crypto markets bounce back — a little!

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There has been some relief in the crypto markets over the weekend, but the total market cap is still below $200bn.

Although bitcoin’s price suddenly went up again after last week’s crash, and the other digital assets followed the market leader, Monday brings us back to a mixed bag of results with red and green constantly swapping places.

Since taking a steep price hit on Wednesday, September 5, bitcoin been trading between $6,400-$6,500 — around $1,000 lower than its intraweek high at $7,391. Today, the top coin has dipped below the $6,400 mark for the first time since mid-August. Looking at it over the past week, it is down around 13%, but it does have a small 0.64% monthly gain. There is something to be thankful for.

ETH also had a sudden price spike to regain a $200 position, but sadly it didn’t last for very long and is at around $195 at the time of writing. At the start of the month, ETH broke through the $300 barrier, but has continued to lose value since its major plummet on 5th September.

For the week, ethereum is down over 34%, with monthly losses of around 45%.

The altcoin seeing the strongest performance today is EOS. It is up 5% and has regained the ground it lost on 8th September. Litecoin is also showing some relatively positive growth today, being up by 4%.

In the Top 20 coins, IOTA is another relatively strong player as it is up 5.41% on the day, but the total market cap is rather depressingly still dropping and is down $44.7bn from its intraweek high of $240.2 billion.

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