Developers debate an ethereum upgrade

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There is some frantic work being done by developers behind the scenes of the ethereum blockchain with the aim of delivering ethereum 1x, an upgrade that would improve the platform’s usability.

Currently, they are still discussing the code changes that would need to be implemented, and according to Coindesk, “active discussions suggest a myriad of different proposals could be activated by June 2019, should a final proposal ultimately be formulated, proposed and approved by users of the ethereum network.”

Last week Coindesk revealed that work was ongoing although still in the early stages, and that Greg Colvin, an ethereum engineer, had published some minutes from the internal meetings on Github. Another person at the meeting verified these, although they pointed out that the developers believed discussions were at too early a stage to be shared with the public. What the minutes reveal is that there is significant disagreement amongst some of the more seasoned ethereum developers about how to proceed, and Coindesk revealed, “notes suggest that ethereum developers may be under pressure to augment their public roadmap in ways that seek to add improvements at an accelerated timeline.”

Afri Schoedon, release manager for the Parity ethereum client, suggested that upgrade might be released on its own, separate blockchain network, but others think it should be on the existing blockchain.

Public discussion between developers is now being encouraged and Coindesk has announced that the first of these “will occur tomorrow at 14:00 UTC.” The discussions will follow Chatham House Rules, meaning public disclosure of the content of discussions must exclude speaker attribution. Schoedon said: “We need to be very inclusive with everyone in the community and be very open and transparent about talking about all the ideas and discussing what might be the best approach.”

Some of the developmental thinking being applied to ethereum 1x is focused on running simulations to test higher gas limits, with the aim of relieving scaling pressures faced by the network today. Additionally, it is expected to feature improvements to transaction throughput on ethereum. Overall, it’s a plan to support increased network activity and make ethereum more attractive for the future.

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