Euro 2020 tickets for sale on a blockchain app

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The uses of blockchain are always expanding, and Sport is one of the sectors where it is finding a lot of support. As Cointelegraph points out, there has been a general enthusiasm for using blockchain technology in scenarios apart from finance, but examples have not always been easy to find, outside of real estate and medical records. However, now we have some in the world of sport.

Cointelegraph writes, “The potential of the technology to underpin a variety of systems within the sports sector has long been discussed,” but 2020 has already seen “several prominent use cases where blockchain technology is being used to improve offerings to fans.”

In Europe, it is the football clubs that have recognized how blockchain can be used to “improve ticketing, merchandising and interactions between audiences and sports teams and organizations,” and in North America it is in the NFL and Major League Baseball.

UEFA European Championship 2020

The UEFA European Championship is held every four years, and in football-mad Europe it attracts massive crowds of supporters, as the nations battle it out for the Cup. This year, it will be held in June and July and the tournament will be hosted by 12 cities across Europe. Ticketing is one of the most challenging aspects for the tournament’s organizers, with over 28 million ticket requests for the 2020 showpiece across 200 countries.

So, UEFA has turned to blockchain for help. It is providing a blockchain-powered mobile app to provide a contemporary ticketing solution for fans. Indeed, UEFA aims to supply and deliver 1 million tickets through the Euro 2020 app.

There are a several advantages to using blockchain for a ticketing system. It will rule out the duplication of tickets, nor will fans need to visit a ticket office. Furthermore, they’ll simply have to turn on WiFi on their smartphones when they arrive at the stadium, which will then activate their ticket QR codes and allow entry. There’s also no paper waste involved.

As Cointelegraph says: “The primary benefit of an app-based ticketing system is the ease of distribution across the sheer number of countries. Ultimately, UEFA’s move to use blockchain technology to power its ticketing operation is a major boon for the industry. Given that football is the most popular sport in the world, the adoption of the technology could set a trend for other service providers to follow.”

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