Franck Muller launches watch with bitcoin wallet

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Franck Muller is a Swiss watchmaker who is famous worldwide for his high-end and often whacky watch designs. Now he has partnered with alternative assets investing firm Regal Assets to release the bitcoin storage watch “Encrypto,” according to a report by Cointelegraph Brazil on 23rd May. Regal Assets is a renowned crypto investment company with offices in the US, Canada, the UK and the UAE. Regal Assets made headlines in 2017 by being the first company to receive a government-issued licence to trade crypto in its deep cold storage vault.

Muller’s watches range in price from from $9,800 to $50,600, but the Encrypto watch will also function as a BTC cold wallet. The watch is reportedly engraved with a public address on its dial and comes paired with a private key on a USB drive. According to the firm, the “deep cold storage wallet” is unhackable and uses “offline generated, non-deterministic TRNGs (True Random Numbers Generated).”

Regal Assets issued a press release saying: “The Encrypto watch was designed by Franck Muller with the Bitcoin universe in mind. The dial itself was tastefully designed using the QR code of Satoshi’s Genesis Block address. A custom designed B within an emblem of circuitry, while the laser etched public wallet address elegantly sits as a QR code in its polished frame. Customers can customize both the dial and the band of the watch. Some models even include precious metals and diamonds in the dial and frame.”

The regional director of Franck Muller, Erol Baliyan, said: “We always aim to impact the customer at an emotional level and create a bond between the customer and the timepiece. As a brand, we are a trend maker with a solid track record and are not shy when it comes to adopting innovation. Bitcoin is the millennial gold is the perfect marriage between innovation and personal choice.”

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