Gibraltar offers blockchain-related educational courses

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This move is to provide educational courses about the blockchain and help students develop the skills demanded for working in this new tech sector. The announcement was made in the Gibraltar Chronicle on 19th October.

It also reported that an advisory group, put together by the Gibraltar government and the University of Gibraltar and a number of leading technology firms will work on developing the blockchain-related courses.

This advisory group is to be called The New Technologies in Education (NTiE). Following the expansion of new technologies in Gibraltar, the NTiE will address the demand for related skills both in the private sector and at the governmental level.

The courses, which will most probably be launched later this year, will also be supported by “significant input” from industry players who are in the process of becoming licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

Gilbert Licudi, a Queen’s Counsel and the minister with responsibility for the University of Gibraltar said, “Providing access to innovative courses with expert input from those using this technology in the private sector is a vital component in the development of a sustainable distributed ledger technology (DLT) commercial community in Gibraltar.”

The government’s Minister for Education also made a statement, saying, “The launch of the NTiE advisory group continues to build momentum for Gibraltar as a hub for new technologies, following the announcement in January 2018 that Gibraltar would be the first jurisdiction globally to introduce legislation around Distributed Ledger Technology.”

The university will apparently develop and enhance expertise in new technologies through the courses, which will cover areas such as DLT, coding, and smart contracts. Students will then be awarded a Professional Certificate of Competence within this area.

As the Gibraltar government pointed out, “only 27 percent of universities around the world offer blockchain-related courses, whereas half of the top 50 international universities provide related courses, meaning that interest in the subject is growing.”

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