How many Satoshis are there?

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For the last few weeks we’ve been hearing Craig Wright claim that he is the ‘real’ Satoshi Nakamoto, but now there is another claimant to the identity of the ‘person’ who created bitcoin.

Chinese citizen Wei Liu, who lives in California, has also claimed the copyright to bitcoin’s white paper. Like Wright, he has filed his claim in the US copyright register. In the filing, Liu claims to have published the bitcoin white paper on Jan. 11, 2008, under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, with the title “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” Wright filed his claim regarding the same paper and the bitcoin code.

As Cointelegraph says, so far nobody has been able to contact Wei Liu or find out more about him and why he has filed this claim.

We know that the crypto community has largely dismissed Craig Wright’s claim and that the legal validity of Wright’s copyright filings are being disputed. Jimmy Song, a bitcoin core developer, told Cointelegraph that instead of proving that he is Satoshi, the filing shows “that CSW is a publicity-seeking con-man, but we already knew that.”

And let’s not forget, the US copyright office does not investigate claims made by those registering content. It responded to the debate over Craig Wright’s filing by saying, “as a general rule, when the Copyright Office receives an application for registration, the claimant certifies as to the truth of the statements made in the submitted materials.” It also made it very clear that it does not investigate the truth of any statement made in the filings. Effectively this means that many more Satoshis could make the same claim of identity, and we still wouldn’t know if any of them are telling the truth. And come to that — does it really matter who Satoshi Nakamoto is?

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