How to be a Wincoins winner!

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How good are your bidding skills? You can test them out at the new and exciting auction site called Wincoins, which has prizes including a whole Bitcoin. All you need to remember with this game is that the highest unique bid wins.
Here’s how to play?
Here’s an example of how to make your bid/s for a prize of 1 Bitcoin.
1. Go to the auction and decide what you want to bid. You won’t be able to
see the other people’s bids. And they won’t be able to see your bid.
2. Make your bid, e.g. 9.37€. If nobody else has bid 9.37€ your bid stands as
unique. If somebody else has already bid 9.37€ then you will be notified
that your bid is a duplicate, or a ‘burn bid’.
3. If you make a ‘burn bid’, you can bid again as many times as you like.
4. What you want to achieve is ‘the HIGHEST UNIQUE bid’. It must be lower
than the Max price set for the auction you participate to win. You will see
your unique bid marked green in the bid list.
5. It is not like an auction in which you have to keep bidding higher to win. It
is about to have the highest unique bid at the end, so you can place the bid
you want. It doesn’t need to be higher that your previous bid(s). If nobody
makes the same bid as you during the duration of the auction, your bid
stays valid.
6. You will be able to see the position of your bid during the auction. If your
unique bid is sitting at №10 position, you may want to make other bids
if you want to aim for the winning №1 spot. You can also reach №1 spot
if you, or someone else, places the same bid as the unique above you. If
that happens, the unique bid will be burned as ‘now out’ and you will
move one spot up. If this happens with all the unique bids above you, you
will have reached spot 1.
7. Each auction lasts for an unspecified length of time. A countdown clock
will notify players when the bidding is about to be closed. This clock will
start when the “bids left” indicator has reach 0.

How to place your bids
1. Choose the auction you want to participate in.
2. You will see the ‘credit indicator’ — this shows which credit is accepted for
that auction, e.g. ETH, BTC or ELT.
3. Choose the credit you want to use.
4. The BLUE arrow shows which type of credit you are using.
5. Check the numbers above each type of credit by following the RED arrow:
this will show you how much credit will be deducted each time you make
a bid.
6. The GREEN arrow points to how much credit you have available for each
type of credit.

Rules to remember
1. The maximum bid on each auction is 10€.
2. You pay for every bid you make. E.g. if you bid 8.57€ that is what you pay.
This payment is collected in real time and is made in either BTC, ETH and
3. You can make as many bids as you like.
4. You can easily see all of your bids on your dashboard.
5. If you make a bid that isn’t unique — we call it a ‘burn bid’ — you will be
notified immediately. You’ll see the alert in the top left-hand corner.

It’s all really simple — and it’s really easy to add credit to your account!
Have fun at Wincoins: the auction game where you can win big prizes!

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