How to have your crypto and spend it — Lendo solves the problem

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To be able to “have your cake and eat it” is a wonderful thing, and it is very rarely possible, at least not when you’re talking in metaphor, rather than about real cake.

Lendo set out to provide a solution to this issue for cryptocurrency owners. How could they hold on to crypto assets and spend them. There were, and there still are, two good reasons for developing a solution:

1. People don’t want to sell their crypto in case the value keeps rising

2. It’s not that easy to actually spend crypto without converting it to a fiat currency

Lendo’s answer to the first problem is to accept crypto as collateral for a personal loan. As it says in Lendo’s technical Whitepaper: “Accepting crypto as collateral is a relatively new concept. The main requirements here are that the whole agreement is tied up in a Smart Contract and that the collateral is kept very safely during the term of the contract.

The answer to the second is the provision of a crypto exchange, a credit/debit card and a merchant payment system.

To achieve both, Lendo needs to achieve “Exchange/Payment Processor Integration.” In order to quote real-time prices the Lendo platform will need to integrate with a service provider that can:

· Provide real-time price information for currency pairs, e.g. $ETH/BTC 0.057177 meaning that to buy one ETH you’d have to pay 0.057177 BTC

· Execute the transaction once it is approved, transferring the purchased currency directly to our Lendo account for subsequent disbursement.

Join Lendo’s ICO and take the business forward

That’s why Lendo, like every other fintech startup is holding an ICO: it’s for the development of the individual elements of Lendo’s platform and to progress the building of the entire Lendo ecosystem.

By joining Lendo’s ICO, you’ll be a part of the platform going forward. You will have a personal stake in the success of the business globally, and in how it can serve you personally.

Check out the Commercial and technical whitepapers, and be part of a strong enterprise that plans to expand worldwide.

Be on the inside track of global change in finance — be part of the Lendo ICO.

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