How to withdraw crypto from a Lendo wallet

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As you will see in the video, when you sign in and go to ‘My Profile’, there is a ‘Wallet Addresses’ tab. Click on it and you’ll find a selection of wallets to choose from, including ones for BTC, ETH, BCH and Lendo’s own ELT token, plus others.

In the demonstration you’ll see how to set up a bitcoin wallet in Lendo:

Copy and paste your BTC wallet address into the box and click on Update address

Receive an email which you must respond to within 20 minutes to confirm adding the new wallet to your account

If you fail to confirm the new wallet within 20 minutes the transaction will fail — this is for your security

The wallet can’t be used for 72 hours post set-up, which is another important security feature.

How to withdraw money

The next step is the actual withdrawal procedure. As mentioned above, you can only start making withdrawals after a 72-hour period following your confirmation of the wallet. The steps to follow are very simple:

Go to your Profile and select Financials

Select the Wallets tab and then the wallet you want to withdraw your crypto from

Enter the amount you want to withdraw

Click on ‘Withdraw’ and it’s done — the crypto will have been transferred to your outside wallet.

One of the most important things to remember is this — make sure you put your wallet address in the right box: if you put an ETH wallet address in the BTC wallet box the system will reject it.

But, here’s the video for you to watch so you can see exactly how it’s done.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions about functions, ask the Admin on Lendo’s Telegram channel for clarification. They will connect you with the right person to answer your question if they are unable answer it themselves.

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