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John McAfee, a man known for making wild statements, has now thrown down the gauntlet to the US Internal Revenue Service, and dared the agency to come after him for tax evasion.

He is always entertaining and his Twitter storm on this topic gripped many of his followers. In it he claimed rather boldly that he hasn’t filed a tax return in eight years and gave the following reasons why:

  1. Taxation is illegal.
  2. I paid tens of millions already and received Jack Sh*t in services.
  3. I’m done making money.
  4. I live off of cash from McAfee Inc.
  5. My net income is negative.

McAfee also claimed that he’s a “prime target for the IRS” and then challenged the US tax agency to pursue him, tweeting, “Here I am”.

In previous days he had taunted the IRS on social media claiming that it is too powerful and “It now destroys us.” His full tweet reads: “No one will f**k with the enormous power of the IRS. It emerged as an SS like intimidation arm of the government during prohibition — when drinking alcohol was a crime. Unable to buy legitimate alcohol the public relied on family stills. From destroying stills, it now destroys us.”

He also tweeted, “I have prepared my entire life for this battle. We will not be able to shrug off the yoke of this corrupt and insane government without a struggle.”

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service has stated that investors who earn money on their cryptocurrency holdings must pay taxes on their gains. That most likely includes Mr McAfee who being a crypto bull must surely own cryptocurrencies. He also charges about $105,000 to post a tweet about crypto-related projects, and has often found himself in trouble over his tweets.

Will the IRS come for John McAfee — he’s probably hoping so, because that provides him with the opportunity to make the media a battleground where he fights it out with his taxing opponent.

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