John McAfee tells bitcoin investors to “Get a grip!”

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Although John McAfee has been more focused on his 2020 presidential election campaign than on cryptocurrencies of late, he has broken radio silence this week to get back on Twitter and encourage his followers to have faith in bitcoin.

On 22nd August he posted: “Bitcoin jitters? Just stop it! Short term fluctuations are meaningless. Bitcoin is still up almost 300% from 6 month’s ago. Everytime there’s a dip I have to calm people in replies, DMs, etc. GET A GRIP! You know in your heart Bitcoin cannot lose. Relax!”

However, in the wake of several painful days for bitcoin, McAfee has faced numerous questions from his fans about BTC.

As CCN says, “McAfee has always confidently advocated for a long term investing approach in cryptocurrencies. However, even he must be getting nervous about his $1,000,000 call for the Bitcoin price in 2020.”

His fans are reportedly delighted that he has returned his attention to bitcoin rather than US politics, and there is a feeling that the recent volatility has sparked McAfee into feeling the need to reassure his crypto flock that everything’s going to be alright.

Until recently, McAfee has been on a boat in the Caribbean, but he now claims to be in Novaya Zemlya, a barren, frigid archipelago in Russia, which may even be contaminated with nuclear fallout. McAfee tweeted: “In February, here in Novaya Zemlya, there was a massive invasion of Polar bears. At least that’s what the villagers claim. Not sure I believe it, but still anxious to wrestle one to the ground and eat its heart. The villagers claim it gives immortality. Could use me some of that.”

As ever, it is hard to know what is true in the continuing John McAfee story, but perhaps we can look forward to him wrestling a polar bear.

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