Kaboom! Lendo announces listing on top crypto exchange

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It’s the news that every Lendo member has been waiting for: an exchange listing for the ELT token. Cue the drum roll — “The Lendo team is delighted to announce that ELT is going on the Exrates exchange.”

Exrates ranked at 22 in Top 100

Exrates.me launched in 2016 and according to CoinMarketCap the exchange ranks at 22 in its Top 100 Exchanges at the time of writing; pretty impressive for a young exchange. Kraken started in 2011 and is only ranked at 44 today.

Its cryptocurrency listings number 117 to date, and it has numerous currency pairs, including the US dollar, the Euro, the Chinese Yuan and the Indonesian Rupiah plus multiple combinations of crypto pairings.

Users give Exrates five-star reviews

On Trustpilot the majority of users give Exrates a five-star rating, and wrote some very encouraging reviews:

“I’ve used them for a long time and especially like the support. They respond quickly.”

“Exrates is a cool exchange and will surprise everyone. Every exchange has its drawbacks, but the team here works to fix things and what they do is visible. I prefer to use a platform that develops like this.”

Exrates is growing

To quote the Bitcoin Exchange Guide, “Exrates is an actively-growing ‘exchange platform’ that is aimed to create digital trading more easy and accessible for newer investors. Using its intuitive AI, the system is able to guide newer customers with ease, and helps them make balanced trades from the get go. “

Lendo members will also appreciate some of the exchange’s other features including a low commission rate for all services, maximum security and ease of use. The dashboard has been designed to make trading easy, and user opinions have been taken into consideration. Overall it offers a highly intuitive interface with explanations of all industry jargon and an easily visible online chat space on the home page.

We’ll keep you posted

We have a definite arrangement with Exrates to list ELT, but at the moment we have not chosen a date for when it will go live, because we need a week or two to distribute the ELT to all the owners. But we will be keeping everyone updated and we hope to keep the ELT transfer period as short as possible.

This is a massive step forward for Lendo and its token holders. Thanks to all the ELT holders for sticking with us — we hope you’re as excited as we are about reaching this milestone.

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