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Zombies have been popular for some time, but now the team at Loom has developed a new, free CryptoZombies course where anyone can master the basics of Libra blockchain development and get ahead of the crowd.

If you follow the above link to the CryptoZombies home page, you’ll see that by developing your own simple game, using the Move programming language, you’ll master the basics of Libra’s blockchain. It also says that it is the most popular blockchain school, and that over 415,000 people have already learnt how to code ethereum dapps.

Why has Loom done this? The site says: “Facebook’s Libra Blockchain is going to have serious disruption power in the world, and being a Libra Developer is going to give you a MASSIVE advantage in the marketplace. Our goal is to educate and inspire as many developers as possible by building the most kick-ass Libra course around. Did we mention it’s free and open source?”

Loom CEO Matthew Campbell, told Coindesk, “We went to a Libra meetup in Bangkok and 100 developers came out and none of them were blockchain people.” He added, “We really think this is the project that will bring a lot more normal developers into the blockchain space.”

Loom is based in Asia and has had an opportunity to watch WeChat and Alipay dominate digital payment services. As a result, Campbell thinks there is “going to be an equivalently large wave” in the West, adding that he suspects mobile payments are viewed as a make-or-break feature within Facebook.

Loom is focused on enhancing the blockchain developer experience, particularly in the gaming space. Its theory is that games will lead users into crypto, and in turn, Loom uses games to lead online students through lessons in coding.

Participants who sign up now can expect to learn about these early functions and get the basics of Facebook’s new programming language, Move.

Campbell also said that each chapter usually requires writing about 15 or fewer lines of code. The learning modules are meant to make be easy-to-digest.

Campbell also said that whilst Facebook’s Libra project faces some issues from regulatory authorities, and criticism from crypto purists, Campbell is eager to see what happens when Libra launches. He said: “This isn’t the crypto we wanted, but it’s going to get everybody started. I think it’s going to be the gateway drug that we needed to get people into other cryptos.”

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