Lendo: a mover and shaker in an emerging world

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Hal Williams of BV.world, a leading online publication that focuses on the emerging blockchain world, innovative technology and Fintech advancements, attended the Gibfin conference in March 2018.

He spoke with Lendo’s CEO, David Honeyman, about the Lendo platform proposition and how Lendo plans to take account of the current volatility of cryptocurrency when assessing loans in fiat currency against cryptocurrency as collateral. Lendo’s CEO explained the volatility index Lendo will for the lending platform and also suggested that 2018 is the year when we will see a less volatile market for cryptocurrencies, which will stabilise the Fintech ecosystem.

In his report from the conference, Williams also appraised Gibraltar’s emergence as a Fintech ecosystem with its Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) legislation that makes it “the first global jurisdiction to provide a proper regulatory framework – and official licensing status – for companies involved in the crypto industry.”

He interviewed Phil Young of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and Nick Cowan who heads up the GSX’s new subsidiary, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, who both pointed out that investor protection via regulation is a key to future success.

You can read the full BV.world article here and discover more about the views of experts about what the future might bring to this emerging world.

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