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We will soon host an AMA on Telegram in a private group chat.

In order to attend we will need:

1. Name (First name and surname)
2. Telegram ID
3. Email address (The email address that you used to sign-up with Lendo)

This should be sent to any of the Lendo admins on Telegram @LendoPlatform or email

As the Lendo ICO is now closed, any AMA that is conducted will only be held with genuine ELT purchasers who can prove their identity by submitting their email address to us by PM or email so that we can check their status in our database. We have noted that several people in this Telegram group are submitting negative posts under anonymous names and quite probably have not purchased ELT or have tried to earn ELT in the past by submitting fake referral traffic via bots or other dubious methods. All genuine purchasers are being kept updated and notified regularly by our newsletter and other channels. They understand that compliance and regulation is a slow process and know that the Lendo team is here working to deliver the lending platform and various utility schemes for the token.

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