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It s just over a week since Lendo launched its pre-ICO and in crowded marketplace where fintech startups battle for publicity, we’re proud to say that Lendo is gaining the advantage of achieving high-profile press coverage.

Lendo has appeared in Forbes, Cointelegraph and Business Insider, all of which are leading business and crypto-related publications that are highly regarded for the quality and integrity of the information they publish.

BV.world is another high quality information source, and one of the first to bring Lendo to the world’s attention. Now it has published another positive review: Fast moves mean head start in high-paced fintech arena.

It highlights the fact that Lendo is “making headlines for its pioneering approach towards regulated cryptocurrency,” and quotes Monty Munford of Forbes, who praised Lendo’s software for its ability to “bridge the gap between the crypto community and mainstream world.”

And, as BV points out, although Facebook, Twitter and Google have blocked ICO advertising, Lendo was undeterred and tested the waters anyway with its pre-sale. We’re delighted to reveal that 42,000 users registered for the pre-ICO within the first few hours, proving that a good product will always find investors, no matter what.

At the moment, Lendo’s ELT token is still at its pre-ICO price of €0.10, but please take note that on 28th April the price will rise to €0.20. So, if you want to get your ELT at the lowest price ever — buy it now at lendo.io.

A blockchain platform that will take banking to another level https://www.lendo.sg

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