Lendo hits €100 million in loans and more!

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It has been a busy, and also extremely exciting, summer so far for Lendo. In mid-June we hosted a live webinar, which was packed out, and since then we’ve been overwhelmed by the response to our Priority Loan and credit card services.

In just a few weeks we have been literally bombarded with requests for the Lendo credit/debit card and the number of applications has already reached a whopping 20,000. We always thought the card would be popular, but we’ve been blown away by the response so far.

Loan applications still flooding in

And we certainly didn’t anticipate the response to the Priority Loans service. We invited people to register for the service when it goes live and to give us an approximate idea of how much they might want to borrow — now we have a whopping €100 million plus in loan requests! The applications are still rolling in and we’re pretty optimistic that the numbers will skyrocket even higher in the coming weeks.

It’s also proof that the concept of using cryptocurrency as collateral for an almost instant fiat loan is one that people actually want — it has a real life use case, as do our credit cards.

Get a mobile wallet, credit card and loan

And Lendo’s mobile wallet called ELT Cryptobank is already available for Android and iOS on Google Play store and Apple Store. You can download it for free and have it ready for when Lendo goes into action!

Furthermore, you can still sign up for a credit card or put yourself on the Priority Loans service list — and please note that if you do register, you’re under no obligation to use the credit card or take a loan. When the services are available, you can simply say No Thanks!

The market potential is massive

This fantastic response this clearly demonstrates that there is a massive market potential for Lendo’s products and services. Every day that we witness the growing demand for Lendo’s services and products is another say when we take a step closer to our ultimate goal of making Lendo the household name for crypto loans and card services.

Important news broadcast

We’re having another live broadcast this Wednesday, 18th July. The team will be talking about more new products and making a major announcement. The number of seats is limited, so please don’t miss out on the latest news — make sure you register now at the link below.

Book your seat here

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