Lendo.io — the most promising ICOs of 2018

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Lendo.io is one of the hottest Fintech startups of 2018. Its pre-ICO closed ahead of schedule, proving that it has captured the interest of blockchain believers, as well as conventional financial experts, who understand its vision and promise to bridge the gap between the crypto word and traditional finance.

The fact that Lendo’s concept is both practical in financial terms, due to its personal loans product, and fascinating as a blockchain technology use case is the key attraction for its existing supporters who come from these somewhat different worlds of the new and the traditional.

The positive response to Lendo in the media since the pre-ICO began at the end of March has already been a strong indication that it could unite those who looked at it as an innovative financial product and those who are more excited by it as an example of the blockchain’s potential.

Lendo is ready for its big ICO

The team is preparing for the launch of the ICO on the 28th April when Lendo will distribute a further 170 million ELT tokens during phase one of the ICO, and the tokens will be sold at a starting price of €0.20 per token.

Updated whitepapers

The team has also been working on refining the Commercial and Technical whitepapers. The new Technical whitepaper has very important updates and now explains in much greater detail some of the world-beating, state-of-the-art security measures Lendo employs to keep its members’ money secure. You can read them here.

The media loves Lendo

The media has been very vocal in its praise of the Lendo platform. Cointelegraph, one of the top crypto and blockchain news sources said:

The controversial debate with blockchain and cryptocurrency has been affecting this new market for the good, the bad and the ugly. Yet a newcomer on the block, Lendo Platform, a London based fintech start-up, has been sailing through with ease, pioneering the way towards a new regulated crypto.”

And, Monty Munford, writing for Forbes magazine, one of the most prestigious business publications globally, wrote:

“Lendo’s software looks set to bridge the gap between the crypto community and the mainstream world. Lendo’s genius is the exclusive link they will create between both worlds, enabling them to work together.”

Discover Lendo today and what it can offer you — all you have to do is visit lendo.io, you’ll find all the answers there as to why it’s going to have a major impact on the financial world, and it will happen soon.

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