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Lendo continues to move forwards to its launch date for the card programme. Over the summer our work has focused on building utility for the ELT ecosystem, including progressing the relationship with the asset-backed car finance product which is accepting ELT as part payment.

To recap on the benefits of this investment for ELT owners, especially for those of you who may have missed this important news: a UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registered financial services company is issuing the investment. It is a fixed interest rate product associated with the company’s car leasing and loans service.

There are two major benefits for ELT owners:

• The issuer is willing to accept ELT as partial payment.

• It is less expensive for ELT owners to invest, as you will not have to pay all the investment in Euros.

Furthermore, the issuer is willing to accept ELT at the rate of €1 per ELT.

As an example of how it works, let’s suppose an ELT owner invests €10,000 in the 3-year term of investment. They would only have to invest €8,000 with the rest paid in ELT. However, the issuer will pay the full amount of the interest in Euros. This major benefit is not available to those who can only invest with Euros.

To find out more information about this asset-backed investment product, click on this link and sign up.

Regarding our card programme, the Lendo team is tirelessly working behind the scenes to bring the project ever closer to launch day, although we would remind you that some elements of the process are out of our hands, such as waiting for final approvals from the various compliance departments that we are working with.

In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your continued support — it means a lot to all of us at Lendo HQ.

Capital at risk: Please note that no investment is free of risk and even asset backed products carry a certain amount of risk. Your capital may be at risk and this offer is only open to accredited HNWI or sophisticated investors. Further details of investor qualification requirements will be supplied when requesting the investment prospectus.

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