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Late last year a Japanese company called GMO Internet Group announced that in 2018 it would start to partially pay its employees salaries in bitcoin. GMO gave its workers the option of receiving payments from 10,000 yen (about $88) to 100,000 yen (about $881). And, as an added incentive, employees who opted into the bitcoin payment would get an additional 10% salary bonus. Nice!

Lendo’s crypto salary poll

So, Lendo decided to ask its community and social media followers what cryptocurrency they would like to have their salary paid in? The results were very interesting.

You probably guessing that bitcoin came out on top, simply because that is the crypto most people are likely to have. Actually, bitcoin came in joint first place with Ethereum, both getting 29% of the vote. With the Ethereum blockchain putting more emphasis on adoption these days, we suspect that in a few months time it may poll even better. This is not to do down bitcoin, because it’s always going to be strong, unless something radical happens.

Lendo’s poll also named ‘XRP’ and ‘Other’ as the remaining choices. XRP, or Ripple as it’s commonly referred to, didn’t do so well. There was a lot of hype around this platform last summer and while it has made some significant gains, like every other crypto, it has also had some dramatic falls, and currently it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. In fact, it just seems to hover around the $0.83–87 mark, or as Cointelegraph puts it, it has “become range-bound between $0.76 to $0.93777.” So, it’s not so surprising that only 12% of our voters opted to be paid in XRP.

The “Other” option got 30%. We’d guess that a fair amount of these voters are Litecoin fans. Cardano is another coin that is on an uptrend, and EOS has had good bull support recently. Plus, there is always Bitcoin Cash to consider.

It’s likely that in the future more firms will join Japanese firm GMO and offer all or part salaries paid in a cryptocurrency, the interesting question is going to be; which one will they choose.

Vote in Lendo polls

Lendo is posting polls every day on Twitter, so please follow @lendo.io here https://twitter.com/Lendo_io and vote. Thanks!

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