Lendo rocks its pre-ICO and closes ahead of time

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It has been an exceptional week for the Lendo team. Everyone is beyond thrilled thanks to the successful completion of several weeks of negotiations that led to a regulated lending partner reserving the entire remaining balance of tokens in the pre-ICO. As a result, the Lendo team has decided to close the pre-ICO for new purchases.

The lending partner made their decision after a thorough analysis of the benefits Lendo’s technology will bring to their conventional lending business. This level of interest shows that Lendo’s promise to bridge the gap between the crypto world and traditional finance is a reality in the eyes of those who come from a more conventional financial background.

This news represents much more than a milestone on Lendo’s roadmap, it also brings a new strategic alliance. The fact that Lendo’s concept is both practical in financial terms and fascinating from the perspective of its blockchain technology use case is the key attraction for our supporters in two somewhat different worlds. Managing to be all things to all people is always a tough proposition, but the positive response to Lendo in the media since the pre-ICO began at the end of March, was a fair indication that it could unite those who looked at it as an innovative financial product and those who are more excited by it as an example of the blockchain’s potential.

Lendo is ready for its big ICO

This week’s exciting turn of events has also put Lendo right on target to launch its ICO on the 28th April, Lendo will distribute a further 170 million ELT tokens during phase one of the ICO, which will enable Lendo to turn its vision into reality. The ICO tokens will be sold at a starting price of €0.20 per token.

This is just the beginning for Lendo

Over the last few months, major players have announced their intention to enter the Lendo blockchain financial world. Paul Lowin, Lendo’s Business Development Manager had this to say on the subject: “We are being approached by more and more regulated lenders who want to get involved. They see the potential in our business model and they are attracted by the fact that Lendo is working to become a fully regulated company with a DLT licence as soon as possible. They are also convinced that the sustainability of their business is in cryptocurrency.” He also added that they also believe that Lendo is the steppingstone to secure a smooth transition into the financial world of tomorrow.

With this level of interest in mind, the Lendo ICO should prove to be every bit as spectacular as the pre-ICO has proved to be. We certainly hope so, and that our community’s faith in Lendo will become even stronger.

A massive thank you to everyone who has helped Lendo come this far in such a short time. You also rock!

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