Lendo’s ELT CryptoBank wallet is available now!

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The Lendo blockchain wallet is now available at the Google Play Store now! Download it today and so that it is already on your phone and ready to use. It is THE blockchain wallet for storing ELT and ETH, although other coins will be included in the future.

Currently you need Android 4.4 and upward to use the ELT CryptoBank app. An iOS version is coming soon.

Why you should download the ELT CryptoBank app

Lendo’s cryptocurrency wallet gives you total control over your finances via its easy-to-use token wallet. Download the app and join the millions of people worldwide who use the best and most secure crypto wallet to manage Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto coins including Lendo’s ELT token.

The Lendo cryptocurrencies wallet enables you to securely buy and store your crypto funds, transfer them and spend them, and you can exchange ELT, ETH, BTC etc for fiat currencies or other digital tokens.

The Lendo blockchain wallet has been designed using state-of-the-art cryptography for maximum security and will not only store crypto assets, but will also connect you to the Lendo credit/debit card system when it launches.

Download your Lendo blockchain wallet now — it’s FREE and takes just a few seconds.

Don’t store your crypto on an exchange

The recent hack at Bithumb suggests that it is time we all had a think about protecting our crypto assets in better ways. If you are currently storing your crypto on an exchange, then now is the time to consider moving them to Lendo’s blockchain wallet. You might argue that you do have a wallet on an exchange, however you don’t have the public and private keys that add another layer of security.

Download your ELT CryptoBank wallet now — it’s the wallet of the future.

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