Lendo’s ICO is now open!

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Lendo’s crowdsale opened today, Saturday 28th April

We’ve been working towards this moment for so many months and now it is finally here, the entire Lendo team is super excited.

We were blown away by the response to the pre-ICO sale, which meant we closed it ahead of time. The enthusiastic messages we’ve received from the media, and perhaps more importantly, from firms in the world of conventional finance, has shown us that the Lendo vision for bridging the gap between the blockchain and traditional financing was on the money.

Asia loves Lendo
Today, as we enter this momentous phase, two of our team are in China at the invitation of influential business leaders in Asia. Our CEO and Marketing Director will be presenting the Lendo concept and vision to this high-level business community at summit meetings and conference in Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore. It’s a great honour for Lendo to have been invited and a very encouraging sign for the members of our community who have already purchased ELT tokens during the pre-sale.

The growing interest in Lendo from the business community in Asia, and from regulated conventional lenders in the UK who want to join the network and use Lendo’s platform, is a solid sign that this project will benefit its community in the long term.

If you haven’t read Lendo’s whitepapers yet, joined our Community channels or Registered for the ICO — please do it now. You’ll find everything you need to know about Lendo at lendo.io.

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