Lendo’s joint venture with LC Wealth boosts ELT’s utility token value

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This week we’ve got some exciting news for ELT owners: Lendo has agreed a marketing joint venture with London-based wealth management firm, LC Wealth. The company has an exclusive investment club for High Net Worth Individuals and sophisticated investors, and has agreed to accept ELT tokens (and other digital assets) as payment for selected investment products, including its ‘Smart Bonds’, which will be innovative and blockchain based.

Remember, the more the usage opportunities that exist for ELT, the greater potential demand for the token will be, and result in a higher probability of the token price increasing.

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The benefits of Smart Bonds
With traditional bonds you can’t use digital assets as payment, the process of setting up the prospectus is complex and time consuming, and there are intermediaries involved who charge fees.

Compared to traditional bonds, the LC Smart Bond will offer:
•A smart contract on the Ethereum platform
•Offers and buyer interest published immediately on the blockchain
•KYC carried out on the blockchain
•Smarts contracts which will manage payments
•Details will be transparent and visible to all participants in the bond.
•Smart Bonds usually have a life span of 3–5 years, and for the duration of the bond, investors will have the option to receive a yearly interest in FIAT

Furthermore, LC Wealth states:
•Cryptocurrency investments can be repaid as crypto at the end of the bond.
•This means that investors will be able to sit on their crypto and enjoy FIAT returns on their investment.
•LC Wealth aims to eventually list its bonds and funds on a recognised exchange, which means investors will be able to sell their participation to someone else.

Lendo has always aimed to create a healthy ecosystem which doesn’t rely exclusively on exchanges. ELT already has ‘utility’ because holders can use it to pay fees and interest payments on our platform, however we’re delighted to see its utility extended even further by our third party partners belief in it and its acceptance as payment for other goods and services on other platforms.

We’re proud to say that once again Lendo is leading the way in innovative, blockchain-based financial products with this venture, and at the same time creating a unique utility for ELT in the financial services world.

It’s another great reason to own ELT!

Do follow this link to find out more about LC Wealth.

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